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After researching our competitors and taking into account Alan's other business model, we have set our fees on a similar par. We are an online letting agency with good local knowledge and offices for customers to visit, but that doesn’t mean that we charge over the odds for a service!! Just an honest fee for the work we need to carry out. We came to the conclusion that we should make things as simple as possible because things in life are far too complicated.. So you won’t get any crazy lingo from anyone here at Residentialcircle Lettings… Alan’s Ethos is to keep things nice and simple….



Here at Residentialcircle Lettings, we like to keep things simple, things in life are far to complicated as it is.

So we promise from the very start of your Residentialcircle experience we will be honest and open, this is one of the main ethos's as set out by the founder.

From the very first point of call to signing our contracts, to even moving in.

We like to keep things as concise and simple as possible, without trying to confuse our customers with hidden or crazy extra fees, we believe in openness and transparency.

That’s why we keep it nice and simple, our Admin fee is £144.00 per person and this includes free contents insurance with one of the best insurance companies out there and of course you can top it up if you want more cover.


Guarantor referencing

Sometimes, landlord dependent, we are asked to carry a Guarantor reference, in most instances the charge for this will be £56.00 we will inform you beforehand if this is the case, however sometimes the landlord may ask for further proof before a contract is accepted.

Cant Get A Guarantor!?

Not to worry we have teamed up with a company who can help you.

In short you take out an insurance policy against yourself defaulting, this can help you forgo having to get a guarantor.

Late Payment Fee

If you pay your rent late you will be charged a fee of £25.00

Extra Copies Of your AST Lease

If you require an Extra copy of your tenancy agreement you will be charged a fee of £5.00

However you may want to think about putting your original copy of your AST Lease somewhere safe, also to help you save time and money you should be able to find a copy in the MYAREA section of our website.

Credit & Debit Card Charges

Most card companies charge a fee, our bank currently charges a charge of 2.95% this may be levied if payment is received by debit or credit card, you may want to think about paying by standing order or by alternative means, We will always tell you if we have to make any charges when accepting payments.

Missed prearranged appointment with Agent - Landlord or Tradesman 

If we have prearranged an appointment with you for either ourselves, landlord or tradesman and no one is in to meet us we will at our discretion charge you £30.00 for wasted time.

Keeping it nice and simple and transparent.



Having done our research around Hinckley, Coventry and the surrounding villages of Leicestershire and Warwickshire, we’ve structured our packages in a clear and concise manner, ensuring we have used clear and concise language with no jargon being used - nothing but plain English.


Here at Residentialcircle Lettings we believe that you can achieve great quality without the great price-tag! We are breaking the mould of most letting agencies.  We have taken the knowledge and ethos from our national award winning student lettings company and applied the same beliefs and principles to create something for the ever changing residential market.

We believe that if you look after your tenants, in turn the tenant will look after you, after all a happy tenant is a paying tenant.

We endeavor at all times to remain as impartial and fair as possible, taking a balanced and fair view from both the landlord and tenants aspect, as on many occasions we find that both landlord and tenant have different views.

It may sound cliched, but we believe for a successful tenancy agreement everyone needs to be happy, in order to complete the Residential "circle".


We believe in keeping things simple, so rather than offering a plethora of packages with fancy names, we've stuck to two main packages to cover two different levels of service;


The clues in the heading whether you have a small one bed flat or a 6 bed manor house we can help! We believe that if you have happy tenants you have paying tenants, its cliched but the ethos of Residentialcircle is "everyone in the circle needs to be happy".

Although we feel these packages will suffice for the vast majority of clients’ requirements, we do offer bespoke packages and are always happy to discuss an individual’s specific needs with them directly!

Standard Let - Only 50% Finders Fee

We will market and take high quality photos of your property in order to find a suitable tenant for this "Tenant finding" service. This includes full marketing through a variety of online mediums, with some of the most popular social media platforms.

We will carry out accompanied viewings and the appropriate checks. These include the right to rent checks, using guarantors and, where possible, free contents insurance to all tenants. We erect a ‘To Let Board’ and prepare all paperwork for the Tenancy agreement.

Standard Managed - Fully Managed 50% Finders Fee & 10% Management

Your property will be marketed through a variety of social media mediums and online portals, in addition to our dedicated team overseeing that the right house is matched to the right tenants.

We will co-ordinate and perform property viewings for all prospective tenants and once the process is complete we will facilitate the guarantor process (where applicable) in addition to the first months’ rent collection and subsequent deposit registration if instructed*.

We then co-ordinate both the move-in and move-out dates of tenants as well as liaising directly with utility companies, for the purpose of conferring accurate and up to date meter readings.

In addition to the above, we provide our tenants with free basic rooms contents insurance. Both parties will be provided with a free inventory of the respective property, compiled with our own custom-built inventory software, this will co-ordinate directly with a full check out inventory at the end of the tenancy.

All our landlord charges are set out in our terms of business for landlords which is signed by the each landlord, then countersigned by ourselves, however please find below some more details of our charges below.

Deposit Registration Fee

Register landlord and tenant details and protect the security deposit with a Government-authorised Scheme

Provide the tenant(s) with the Deposit Certificate and Prescribed Information within 30 days of start of tenancy: £48 + £8.00

Arbitration Fee

This is only Charged if a deposit dispute is raised and we need go to arbitration negotiation: £80

Renewal Fee

Contract negotiation, amending and updating terms and arranging a further tenancy and agreement - 50% of the contracted first months rent

Service of notices

  • Serve Section 8 Notice - £38.70
  • Serve Section 21 Notice (included with management service) - £38.70
  • Court attendance - £120 per hour
  • Court attendance (Director) - £180 per hour
  • Interest on unpaid commission - 4% above base rate HSBC